Bin There Dump That Youngstown
Bin There Dump That Youngstown

Dumpster Service FAQ: What Can't You Put in the Dumpster?

Deep Dive Into Northeast Ohio Residents' Most Oft-Asked Dumpster Service Questions

"What can you put into the dumpster?" Many of our customers have asked us this question, but it may be easier to list what we cannot put into the dumpster, or what the transfer station, dump site, or landfill will not allow.

Area dump sites and transfer stations do not allow:

If you have an old lawn mower you'd like to get rid of, please empty the oil and gasoline from it first.

Ask your local community service center where to dispose of tires and unwanted paint, they usually have a place you can bring them, or a day where they accept these items.

TIP: if your paint is latex, you can mix it with kitty litter and leave the lid off until it is hardened enough to throw into a plastic bag.

We do not accept broken concrete or bricks, or soil. Most transfer stations or waste collection sites do not accept these items.

We can take yard waste; leaves, branches, tree limbs etc. but they have to be separated from other trash. You'll have to rent a separate dumpster for yard waste.

If you have questions regarding a certain material, please call or contact us and we'll try to help.

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