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How to Load a Dumpster

When tackling any home project, such as remodeling, moving, organizing, or just cleaning house, you want more than just a cheap dumpster. You want to get the best value and the best service for your money. This can be done by loading your roll-off dumpster the smart way.

Safety First

Safety should always be your top priority when tackling home projects.

Your consultant will go over this safety list with you when you rent your dumpster. Do you have questions? Make a list of your questions and any questionable junk so you can ask your consultant.

Avoid Injuries

Protect yourself from preventable incidents.

Load Larger Items First

Fill in the Gaps

You’ll want to maximize the value of your dumpster. Reduce dead space and you’ll be able to fit more.

Don’t Overfill

Our drivers will cover the dumpster when it is removed, but overfilling could post a danger to our drivers and other drivers on the road when we take the dumpster to the dump.

Loading a dumpster has historically been just a matter of tossing your junk and debris over the sides, but there is more to it than that. Allow common sense to be your guide; but follow our tips to ensure value and safety while loading your temporary dumpster.

Should your residential friendly dumpster needs require our services to the Cleveland/Akron suburbs and surrounding communities, including Cuyahoga Falls, Medina, Strongsville, Maple Heights and Twinsburg, and many others, our Dumpster Consultants are always available for questions or concerns that you may have, be it selecting the right sized bin, placement ability or even what can and can’t be tossed into it. You will be pleasantly surprised with the knowledge level of our residential friendly Dumpster Consultants!

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